ATK x OMEN by HP – Giving South African esports the platform to play

The South African esports scene has come into sharper focus over the past couple of years. Not only more people gaming thanks to the popularity of titles like Overwatch, Fortnite and FIFA, but the local landscape is getting much-needed support in the form of established gaming brands putting their weight behind it, along with other less gaming-orientated companies taking an interest.

A prime of example of this is OMEN by HP, which has only been around for a handful of years but has already begun to make a name for itself, which is all the more impressive given how competitive the gaming landscape is for manufacturers.

Collaboration is key

Part of the OMEN’s growing presence in the country and increased popularity with players, is the fact that HP has chosen to partner with the right kinds of platforms to meet gamers on their terms. Case in point the ATK operating out of, Cape Town, which has quickly become one of the top esports specialists in the country, as well as the go-to destination for esports-focused events and tournaments in South Africa of late.

Managing Director of ATK, Warren Barkhuizen, explains that the company is about far more than providing a venue for gamers to interact and meet up, but also a platform to help connect talented players with the right support in order to flourish and ultimately help grow esports in the country as a whole.

A recent element of that vision is ATK now working more closely with the world’s highest valued esports organisation – Cloud9 – and working in particular on the Overwatch front.

Being an OMEN by HP sponsored organisation, working with Cloud9 was a no-brainer for Barkhuizen, with it presenting ATK with the opportunity to be an African gateway to Cloud9 moving forward, along with resulting in more Cloud9 activations for South Africa in 2020.


Also assisting significantly in this regard is the power of HP’s OMEN range of products, which are available to experience at ATK’s Arena venue in Claremont, Cape Town. The brand has also been able to give players an added edge, with the powerful specifications and configurations of OMEN notebooks offering a portable solution to game on-the-go without sacrificing any performance compared to a desktop setup.

Bringing a gaming brand like OMEN by HP onboard has the added benefit of an increased level of professionalism for a local esports scene which has become all the more competitive, requiring players to dedicate even longer hours if they aim to make a mark on an international stage.

With the South African esports landscape changing for the better in recent months, partnerships like the one between ATK and OMEN by HP mean brands are taking this growing industry more seriously and pledging their support to the efforts for those in this intensely passionate community.

More to come

Looking to the coming year, which is when this newly minted partnership will have greater public visibility, there are more events on the horizon where both ATK and OMEN by HP, as well as the esports teams that the former works with, will be out in force.

Said events aim to bring together the best esports players, personalities, influencers and decision makers to discuss trends in the industry and get significant conversations about improving the South African gaming landscape as a whole up and running.

This increased level of visibility, along with the backing of a trusted gaming brand like OMEN, means ATK’s esports teams take focus on taking their gaming seriously and potentially take things to the next big stage.

To find out more about ATK, contact Barkhuizen and his team here, or to get your hands on a new OMEN by HP device or peripheral, browse the latest range here.


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