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Disney+ streaming app downloaded 22 million times in first month

Much has been made about the House of Mouse and its plan to launch a standalone streaming service for all its content, which now includes the likes of Marvel and Star Wars. With Disney+ available Stateside for one month now, as well as a handful of other countries, the early number are looking very promising.

This as Apptopia recently reported on the number of downloads that the Disney+ app achieved between 12th November when it launched and 10th December. The estimates place the downloads at 22 million, with it being ranked number one in the US App Store and Play Store since it was launched.

Naturally then the number of mobile app users is high, with Apptopia placing it at an average of 9.5 million active users per day.

Some of the key contributors to the success, apart from a catalogue of wildly popular content and forthcoming original shows, is pricing according to Apptopia’s Adam Blocker, who states that the relatively low $6.99 monthly subscription coupled with Hulu and ESPN bundles made it a very tempting offer.

Blocker also noted that while Disney+ has had a strong start, it is yet to impact other big streaming platforms like Netflix just yet. The platform saw dips in mobile users as a result of Disney+, but those numbers have returned to normal, he says.

Still the achievement is impressive, especially as Disney+ has not been made globally available just yet, not have the majority of those aforementioned original TV shows aired.

Given how popular The Madalorian has been, plus the addition of other shows like Wanda Vision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, there is certainly the anticipation that the platform will grow massively in 2020.

Now the only missing piece to all this is when South Africans can legally access all this content.

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