Want to know about Spotify’s founding? A Netflix series is on the way

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If you are a Spotify user, you’re probably enjoying the Wrapped 2019 playlists that the streaming service has curated. We’re also set to get more Spotify-related media in coming years, with an original Netflix series now in the works.

According to Yellow Bird, which is the production house behind the series, it will chronicle the founding and early days of the Swedish-born streaming platform. The source material for the series will be the book based on the firm titled Spotify Untold.

“The story of how a small band of Swedish tech industry insiders transformed music — how we listen to it and how it’s made — is truly a tale of our time,” notes Berna Levin, an executive producer at Yellow Bird.

“Not only is this a story about the way all our lives have changed in the last decade, it’s about the battle for cultural and financial influence in a globalized, digitized world,” she adds.

While we’re aware that the producers are trying to amp up its upcoming series, the founding of Spotify may not be the most interesting element of the company, with its dealings with artists and streaming rights proving a far more intriguing story in our view.

Perhaps that is something that the Netflix series aims to explore at some point?

As The Next Web points out, Spotify is not the kind of company with a divisive past or one that is constantly in the media for the wrong reasons like Facebook or Google for example, so it will be interesting to see how the producers plan to get people to bingewatch the series.

For now there is no word on when the series will be landing on Netflix, so we’ll have to wait for more information on that front.

If we were thinking of another company which could make for a great TV series, this year’s events involving WeWork might make for good viewing.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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