Microsoft gives devs a preview build of Windows 10X for dual-screen devices

Last year at a Windows-focused event Microsoft a number of new offerings on the software and hardware side of things. The former was Windows 10X, which was a new operating system specifically designed to work on devices with interesting form factors.

Alongside Windows 10X the company also revealed two dual-screen devices – Surface Neo and Surface Duo.

While it is tough to get excited about any Surface-branded products, especially as they are not officially available in South Africa, the two new devices point to a direction that Microsoft is heading, and likely one its OEMs will too.

As such we were intrigued to see a developer preview of Windows 10X land online earlier this week, which showcases some of the features that the new operating system has to offer on dual-screened devices in particular.

Microsoft specifically highlights web browsing and different dual-screen experiences on Windows 10X. Regarding the former much of it is centred around the new version of Microsoft Edge that the firm released last week.

Powered by Chromium we’ve been trying out the new browser and it is quite good, with the only issue for us being that Bing is the native search engine.

Shifting to dual-screen experiences, Microsoft has a few different options available for developers at the moment, as seen in the five images below. As such Microsoft is trying to leverage off of the advantages that two screens represents.

While there is no word if the new Surface hardware is coming to South Africa, OEMs like Lenovo and its ThinkPad X1 Fold could also make the most of what Windows 10X has to offer.

With Windows 10X expected to launch in select regions (no word on SA just yet) in Q4 of this year, alongside the Surface Neo and Duo, developers will have plenty of time to tinker with the OS and get their applications just right. Hopefully in the interim we’ll get more information on what Windows 10X has to offer.

If you have not seen either of the two new dual-screen Surface devices, enjoy the videos below.


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