Nedbank warns 1.7 million clients of “data incident” at third party service provider

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Clients at Nedbank are being warned about the potential impact of what the bank is calling a “data incident” at Computer Facilities, a third-party service provider.

The good news is that Nedbank reports that your bank account is not at risk and in fact, customers need only be vigilant.

“The third-party service provider namely, Computer Facilities did not have any links to our systems. Our team of IT specialists and external cyber security experts have been working continuously with them since we became aware of this matter. Clients’ bank accounts have not been compromised in any manner whatsoever and clients have not suffered any financial loss. Nedbank remains vigilant in its efforts to contain cyber-crime,” Nedbank Group chief information officer, Fred Swanepoel, said in a statement.

So what is the incident then?

As it turns out, Computer Facilities is a direct marketing firm that sends SMS and email marketing on behalf of Nedbank.

“A subset of the potentially compromised data at Computer Facilities included personal information (names, ID numbers, telephone numbers, physical and/or email addresses) of some Nedbank clients,” said Nedbank in a statement.

“Nedbank identified the data security issue at Computer Facilities as part of our routine and ongoing monitoring procedures. Once we became aware of the issue, we engaged as a matter of urgency with the service provider and leading forensic experts to conduct an extensive investigation,” the bank added.

As many as 1.7 million clients are affected by this breach of which 1.1 million are active Nedbank clients.

Nedbank has said that clients will be notified whether their data was compromised within three days. If you want more information you can call 0860 775 775 or email [email protected]

Customers are also advised to remain vigilant to attempts at fraud given the data incident. Aside from that, no additional actions need to be taken by customers.

[Source – Nedbank]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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