Facebook’s Community Accelerator Programme now open to local community leaders

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Last year Facebook ran its Community Accelerator Programme, with a number of community leaders engaging locally with the platform. It has returned for 2020, and now Facebook is calling on community leaders to apply for the latest iteration of the programme.

The firm explains that the six-month accelerator programme will provide training, mentorship and funding to help community leaders grow their communities. Up to $3 million in total (globally) will be awarded to up to 80 programme participants worldwide.

Diving deeper into the logistics of the programme, Facebook notes that selected community leaders will spend three months learning from experts, coaches and a customised curriculum to create a plan to grow their communities. They will then spend the next three months iterating and executing on their plans, with funding and support from their networks.

“We are deeply committed to investing in and empowering leaders to start, grow and sustain meaningful communities that positively impact people’s lives,” says Nunu Ntshingila, regional director of Facebook Africa, regarding the programme.

“That’s why we are not only investing in creating new tools for community leaders on our platforms, but also in connecting with them, learning from them, and using our resources to open new opportunities for their communities,” the regional director adds.

Looking at some of the successful stories from last year’s programme, Facebook points to Nadine Maselesele, who was involved with Salt River High tutoring.

“The grant from Facebook and its support has helped me to take my mathematics, science and computers tutoring programme to the next level. It has also helped us to improve the Dream Lab at Salt River High, so that learners will have access to tools and resources that will prepare them for the future of science, technology and engineering,” she says.

Applications for the Community Accelerator Programme close on 10th April, with the programme set to start sometime in June this year.

The company adds that applicants do not have to be active users of Facebook apps, but should be open to use its tools in growing their communities.

[Image – Photo by William White on Unsplash]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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