Woolworths introduces new protocols for online order deliveries

In the wake of the national disaster status for coronavirus (COVID-19) this week, many have headed to retailers in order to panic buy products, with several shops now having empty shelves.

One of the more high-profile retailers sitting with this problem is Woolworths, prompting many to use its online store in order to do their shopping.

Naturally this has prompted Woolworths to look at its procedures when handling delivery of online orders, and now the retailer has sent out an email to all of its users regarding some changes it will make related to COVID-19.

“For all online orders, Woolworths is taking precautionary measures to reduce the risk of virus,” reads the retailer’s communication.

They add that this process already began on 16th March (Monday this week), outlining the following changes:

“When our drivers arrive at your delivery address, they have been instructed to ring the bell, and stand back at a safe distance. As a precaution, during this time we will package your order in bags so that you don’t need to handle any delivery containers. The drivers will place the bags at your door and wait for you to answer. The driver will then record your name, with the date and time of delivery in front of you, so you won’t need to sign any paperwork. You then collect your items and head back indoors; the driver will take any delivery containers.”

The retailer has also advised that due to increased bulk buying of certain items, there will be shortages and specific limits placed when users get to the online checkout. Whether replacement options, or simply removal of high-demand products will occur, remains to be seen.

“We are assessing the unfolding situation constantly, and we will continue to keep you updated of any impact to your online orders and delivery. We’re committed to maintaining the excellent standards of service you expect from Woolworths,” it concludes.


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