Hobbyists can now get a new 12.3MP Raspberry Pi camera board

While under lockdown, those stuck at home have been looking for creating ways to pass the time. For hobbyists, this likely involved some kind of project involving a Raspberry Pi component, and now those wanting to add a photography element to the mix can check out the new camera board that the Raspberry Pi Foundation recently revealed.

This new camera board features a 12.3MP Sony IMX477 sensor at its core, along with the ability to interchange lenses. The High Quality Camera as it is being called by the company features a design capable of mounting CS-mount lenses, as well as C-mount lenses thanks to an adapter.

As such, hobbyists will be able to shoot with a few different focal lengths in mind, depending on what the project may be. There’s also a back focus mechanism that caters for a range of 12.5mm to 22.4mm.

Precisely what guise those projects will take is unclear, but those wanting to create IP cameras for surveillance, DIY drones or a remote setup for photography will certainly find a use.

In terms of board compatibility, the Foundation says the High Quality Camera will work on anything from the 1 Model B board and up.

Local pricing and availability are yet to be detailed, which is understandable given the impact on supply chains that COVID-19 is having, but Stateside hobbyists can order the new High Quality Camera for $50 (~R904.

We have not heard from local distributor RS Components yet, but hopefully they are looking to get this new board into the country as soon as possible.

For now you can check out the new Raspberry Pi camera board in action in the video below.


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