LEGO’s first attempt at a classic Hulkbuster is hilariously derpy

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Over the years LEGO has made quite a few buildable Hulkbuster armours. All the previous attempts have been based on the MCU version of the armour, but a recently revealed set is focused on the past and, well, it just doesn’t look right. 

Set 76164: Iron Man Hulkbuster is made up of 456 pieces and will sell for $39.99 (~R704) in the US when it is released in June. 

This design takes inspiration from several older designs of the Hulkbuster which are usually typified by a very rounded head and upper torso. 

To convey this LEGO has made the head a single piece with printing. This is how they had done Hulkbusters in the past, but the difference here is that the piece chosen for the head is just too flat. This toy comes out looking less like a classic piece of Iron Man kit, and more like a Doom Eternal demon that has been bonked on the head.

76164: Iron Man Hulkbuster

The Hulkbuster has also been joined by a pair of previously unseen sets as revealed by Yahoo.  

76166: Avengers Tower Battle is an unrevealed amount of pieces and will sell for $89.99 (~R1 584), while 76165: Iron Man Bust is 480 pieces for $59.99 (~R1 056). 

While the tower is great we really want to talk about the bust because, again, things don’t look right here. There’s just something off about the mouth and forehead areas which make it look unlike the MCU version or the stylised Iron Man minifigures. 

This is especially bad considering that Star Wars got a trio of buildable helmets which do the same thing as the bust but look much better and closer to how you’d imagine. 

Hopefully these designs will grow on us over time, or they’ll look better with a second iteration in the future.

76165: Iron Man Bust

76166: Avengers Tower Battle
Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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