Celebrate Chex Quest HD with a 3D print of the Zorcher

A couple of days ago Chex Quest HD, the remake of the 1996 promotional cereal game based on Doom, finally released on Steam. To mark the occasion why not fire up the 3D printer and make yourself a 1:1 replica of one of the game’s ‘weapons”? 

That weapon is Zorcher. To be more precise it’s the “Large Zorcher” as the name is shared by a few of the teleporters in the game. 

The man behind this project is the talented Andrew Sink who we featured back in 2018 for his Star Trek: Discovery Spore Drive.

This Large Zorcher is actually a remake as Sink had made one before, also in 2018. With the HD remake out this was the perfect time to go back and do it again, but with some new tricks. 

Using Solidworks the device was remade using the in-game depiction as a reference. 

As there’s just a few colours that go into the Large Zorcher the print could be sliced by colour. If you have white, red and green filament on hand you don’t need to break out the paints. That may be easier said than done with quarantines and lockdowns happening around the world, but it’s worth keeping in mind. 

Also worth digging out from your bug out bag is some magnets, as this version of the print comes with a detachable magazine made to work with them. 

The print has since had a journey of its own as it has appeared on the Clueless Gamer recurring segment of Conan O’Brien. Sink has also made a “Team Coco” stand to go along with his print

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the files to make your own have not been uploaded as far as we can see. The 2018 version is still around on Thingiverse and Sink tells us that no files are available yet as they’re still a work in progress. 

For now you can also check out a short video to see a bit more of the Large Zorcher.

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