The Raspberry Pi 4 board now boasts 8GB RAM variant

As lockdown is set to continue, it may be worthwhile to pick up some hobbies again. For those familiar with the Raspberry Pi foundation and its boards, there is a new offering on the market in the form of a Raspberry Pi 4 that features 8GB of RAM and a 64-bit operating system to match.

The new board is available for purchase, costing $75 (~R1 302) for those currently residing Stateside.

Apart from the aforementioned 8GB of RAM and 64-bit OS, the new version of the Raspberry Pi 4 board is virtually the same as the previous iteration. This means that it sports an ARM-based CPU, an HDMI port, as well as some USB 3.0 slots and an ethernet connection.

While the majority of components are the same on this new version, the addition of 8GB of RAM is noteworthy, especially as this is what most flagship phones these days feature. As such, some smart tinkerers out there might be able to do some interesting things with this latest Raspberry Pi 4 board.

The Foundation recently debuted a new 12.3MP camera for hobbyists to purchase too, so there are certainly some visual or image-based applications that could be conjured up.

If the 8GB version isn’t quite you’re after, or perhaps a little too rich for your blood, there are still 4GB RAM and 2GB RAM models, costing $55 (~R953) and $35 (~R606) respectively.


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