AWS Outposts now in SA, bringing hybrid cloud solutions locally

When AWS officially launched its eagerly anticipated availability zone locally in April, a vast number of services were made accessible to South African businesses and enterprises looking to leverage what the hyperscaler had to offer. That said, not everything under AWS’ catalogue of services was available, but a recent announcement at least takes care of things are far as AWS Outposts is concerned.

For anyone unfamiliar with the solution, it affords businesses with a fully managed and customisable stack of compute and storage racks built upon AWS-designed hardware.

For customers wanting to run compute, storage, database, and other services on-premises, while still having access to the cloud computing components of the hyperscaler, Outposts is an essential.

“We are excited to bring AWS Outposts to South Africa. Since the launch of the AWS Africa Region in April, customers have been expanding their use of AWS services, and have asked us for a consistent way to develop and manage their applications both on-premises and in the cloud. With AWS Outposts, customers can enjoy a truly consistent cloud environment using native AWS services to operate IT environments across their on-premises locations and the cloud,” explains Prabashni Naidoo, director at Amazon Web Services South Africa.

“With AWS Outposts, customers in South Africa can work with the AWS Partner Network (APN) to leverage their deep experience helping businesses move applications to AWS through all aspects of complex migration projects,” the company adds.

With hybrid cloud being very much on trend as far as computing environments for businesses at the moment, having Outposts available locally should be welcome news.

Some of AWS’ local consulting partners, such as Vodacom Business, appear to be particularly happy about the announcement.

“We are excited to be the AWS Outposts launch partner in South Africa. AWS Outposts is a pivotal service for public and private sector customers who require keeping data inside their datacenters while taking advantage of the innovation offered by the AWS cloud,” notes William Mzimba, CEO of Vodacom Business.

“We are working with a number customers to accelerate cloud adoption, and we see AWS Outposts as an easy and highly secure way to bring one of the world’s most advanced cloud technologies to workloads that need to run on-premises. We look forward to helping our customers leverage AWS Outposts to more rapidly innovate,” he concludes.


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