Having issues with your Samsung Blu-ray? You’re not the only one

It is strange to think that in the age of streaming services, that dedicated Blu-ray players still have a place in most homes, but for many who cannot afford streaming services, that is indeed the case.

As such we were quite intrigued to hear that some Samsung Blu-ray owners have been reporting issues with their devices, with seemingly know way to troubleshoot it.

According to ZDNet, the Blu-ray players appear to be stuck in a rebooting loop when powered on. Added to this is a noise emanating from the player that sounds as if it is trying to read a disc, even when there is none in the player in some cases.

Naturally those owners affected by this mysterious issue have taken to Samsung’s community support pages for assistance, but are yet to get an official fix from the South Korean firm.

Samsung is, however, aware of the issue affecting some of its Blu-ray players, and is said to be working on an update.

While the precise cause of the problem is unknown, ZDNet believes it may have something to do with an expired SSL certificate that is used to connect the players to Samsung servers.

At the time of writing, Samsung has not confirmed whether that is indeed the cause of the issue. It is also unclear if this problem is limited to specific models, with the community support boards all listing different models of player, as well as different issues that have crept up out of nowhere.

We have not heard about any local issues being experienced en masse, so it remains to be seen whether this is only affecting Samsung hardware in other regions.


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