Local pricing and availability confirmed for HP Reverb G2 VR headset

In March this year, HP teased some visuals for second iteration of its VR headset, with Microsoft and Valve (Steam VR) assisting the firm in brining it to fruition. Since then the Reverb G2 has seen the light of day, and now we know when the VR headset will land in South Africa, as well as how much it will cost.

To that end the Reverb G2 has a launch window of October 2020. Unfortunately a more precise date has not been detailed as of yet, but we have an idea of the recommended pricing, which sits at R15 999.

That us rather expensive, even by VR headset standards, but HP is justifying the price of the Reverb G2 with a range of new features, and the ability to utilise the headset for design, gaming and training.

As far as the features go, this headset touts higher resolution displays, delivering 2K to each of the wearer’s eyes. Added to this is a 114-degree field of view for enhanced immersion, according to HP.

In terms of the audio experience, the speakers on the unit sit 10mm away from the ear, and also support 3D spatial audio, both for Microsoft’s version of the tool and HP’s newly developed one.

The aforementioned work with Microsoft and Valve means the Reverb G2 has plug-and-play functionality for application, builds and VR games from either company. The design of the headset also features a screen that can flip up 90 degrees to make it easier to actually see what is going on around you when needed.

When the headset finally lands in SA, it should be interesting to see how many consumers and enterprises choose to utilise it, especially given how the VR landscape has changed over the past couple of years.


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