Twitter labels Trump tweet as manipulated media for first time

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Last night Twitter used its manipulated media label on a recent video that Donald Trump shared on the social media platform.

This is the first time that Twitter has done so for the US president, and it is now the latest chapter in the ongoing battle between the two, with Trump taking exception to one of his previous tweets being labelled as not providing accurate information.

That label led to some jousting between Twitter and Facebook over the companies’ role as arbiters of truth, as well as an overreaction by Trump to limit the scope of power that social media platforms have over their ecosystems.

As such it remains to be seen what kind of fallout this latest label will have, but given Trump’s antics of late, it will likely be over the top.

As for the manipulated media in question, it involves a CNN video which was doctored and then shared by Trump on Twitter, with the news organisation citing the video and showcasing what the actual footage was.

Clicking on the manipulated media label, which still exists on the aforementioned tweeted video at the time of writing, will lead you to a message stating, “Multiple journalists confirmed that the video, which was shared by President Trump, is edited and features a fake CNN chyron. The original CNN story, which is from 2019, reported on a friendship between two toddlers.”

“- In September 2019, CNN reported on a viral video about a friendship between two toddlers – On Thursday, the president shared a version of the video which many journalists confirmed was edited and doctored with a fake CNN chyron,” Twitter adds.

Data reporter for the Financial Times, Adrian D. Garcia, also replied to the president’s doctored video with a tweet showcasing the original one that CNN reported on, and as you can see in the embedded tweet below, it tells a very different story.

The fact that the president of the United States would tweet out a video like that which featured and used children as a political tool is highly distasteful, and it remains to be seen if CNN will push for further action to be taken.

Regardless we’re pleased to see Twitter staying true to its word when it comes to manipulated media on its platform, especially when it comes to someone with the amount of followers and influence that Trump does.

As stated earlier, it should be interesting to see what his reaction to all this will be.

[Image – Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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