Olivia Wilde to direct a Sony Marvel movie, likely Spider-Woman

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A few hours ago Deadline, a trusted source for movie-related leaks, released an exclusive story that Olivia Wilde will be directing a new Marvel movie for Sony.

Wilde has since then seemingly confirmed the rumour by way of a comment retweet featuring a single spider emoji.

Before we start guessing as to what the movie will entail, which may be obvious by the emoji, let’s go back to what Deadline has managed to dig up.

The organisation points out that this new movie will focus on on a female character and postulates that it will be Spider-Woman. This would make sense given the spider-centric reply from Wilde, but there are many other heroines somehow related to Spider-Man and the Web of Life and Destiny.

Off of the top of our heads there’s also the characters Silk, Madame Web, Spider-Gwen and an entire host of others who take over for Peter Parker, and are sometimes related to him.

We’re sure those with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Marvel could provide more examples but Spider-Woman seems like an easy lock, especially because it would be extremely simple to advertise – “you’ve heard of Spider-Man, now here’s Spider-Woman”.

“The film will be penned by Katie Silberman with Amy Pascal producing. Rachel O’Connor will exec produce. Wilde, Silberman and Pascal already have strong ties and the three are working on a Christmas buddy film at Universal they hope to do prior to this one. Gary Spinelli penned a previous draft of the script,” continues the report from Deadline.

With COVID-19 still raging on across the world and the Sony / Marvel relationship prone to upheaval, we’ll just have to wait for more information.

Finally, as something of a second confirmation, Wilde also posted a picture on Instagram that appears to be her daughter in the familiar spider red and blue.



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