Epic Games’ Black Friday sale lacks those enticing coupons

Like seemingly every other storefront on the planet, the Epic Games Store is running a sale for Black Friday. What makes this sale different, and far less exciting, is a lack of a coupons.

In the past most sales on the Epic Games Store came with a free $10 coupon to use how you wish on games, DLC and anything else offered on the platform. Usually these coupons were given out automatically to those with active accounts and could be used on the sale they were a part of or kept for later.

The only real downside to these coupons were a minimum buy of $14.99 and the aforementioned expiry date, but aside from that it was a rather good deal.

Unfortunately there’s no coupon to be had this time around for the Black Friday sale, which is live now and runs until 3rd December. 

While this may sound like whining, the coupons went a long way to make up for the massive amount of missing features you have to deal with when shopping on this platform. When compared to the fully fleshed out Steam you’re missing out on Remote Play, global achievements, a user marketplace and much more.

Hell, it’s almost 2021 and the Epic Games Store is still lacking a basket or some other way to buy multiple games at once.

All of that aside there are some deals to be had here with Epic Games claiming up to 75 percent off.

Here’s some of our top picks, chosen because the game is great and / or the discount is huge.

Before buying anything just remember that the aforementioned Steam is currently running its 2020 Autumn Sale. Check both platforms for the best price, especially with localised pricing moving things around.

Finally, don’t forget to snag MudRunner for free.


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