[GALLERY] A closer look at the PlayStation 5 and DualSense controller

This week we received the PlayStation 5 (with Ultra HD Blu-ray optical drive) in for review from local distributor Gamefinity, a week before the next-gen console officially launches in South Africa.

To mark the occasion we shot an unboxing video which you can check out here, but for those readers who don’t have a lot of data on hand, we’ve also put together a gallery of images. Naturally the pictures focus on both the PS5 console, as well as the new DualSense controller.

Without further gilding the lily, check out the gallery below for a closer look at both devices.


Having gotten hands-on with the PlayStation 5 for a few hours now, the first thing that will strike you about this console are the sheer dimensions.

Much has been made of its size in the lead up to its launch, and we can safely say that this is a big boy console that will likely need to take up centre stage for your gaming setup.

Another thing that stands out is the plastic onboard. Yes, it is there to add an architectural flourish, which has proved hit or miss for most, but it does not feel as premium as we were hoping. It is quite dense and feels hard wearing, but white cover around the black body is not what we were expecting.

That said, we have been picking up and carrying the console around a lot, necessitated by the aforementioned unboxing and photoshoot, so that may also be a factor.

Either way we’ll have more PlayStation 5-related content to share in the coming days, as well as reviews for launch titles too, so be sure to check in on our website.

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