[VIDEO] Unboxing the Huawei Mate 40 Pro

Just shy of two weeks ago, Huawei debuted its new Mate 40 series, which included four different models of flagship phone. At the time of the announcement, and in the time since, no official South African launch date or price for the Mate 40 series has been confirmed.

Thankfully that has not stopped Huawei Mobile South Africa from sending Hypertext a Mate 40 Pro for review.

While we still await the local details on the device, we’ve decided to unbox the new flagship device in the video below, offering up a look at the Mate 40 Pro in its new Mystic Silver colour option, as well as the redesigned Space Ring camera housing on the rear and new 66W charger and cable that accompany the device.


As far as Huawei’s Mate series goes, the unboxing experience is on par from what we’ve seen in the past, but the real test will be how comfortable users will be with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

It’s been the go-to replacement for Google Mobile Services for less than a year now, and while it has developed rapidly during that time, it may not be quite fully fledged enough for those use to Google app-focused Android experience.

Another important factor will be local pricing, which as we’ve mentioned, is yet to be disclosed as of the time of writing. If Huawei can get this right, especially for the regular Mate 40 model, it may be worthwhile looking at.

If the Mate 40 Pro piques your interest, we’ll have a review of the device next week, but hopefully the unboxing below can tide you over until then.

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