COVID-19 in South Africa: 10th December

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The latest report on COVID-19 in South Africa makes for grim reading. This as the number of new daily cases in the country peaked significantly to 6 709.

Over the past two weeks we’ve seen it hover in and around the 4k mark, but the recent report prompted Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize to address the public with more information.

“This evening we wish to announce that as South Africa we are now experiencing a second wave. A criteria was formulated by our scientists and modeling teams. As it stands as a country we now meet that criteria. It is also important to highlight that four provinces, that being, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng Province are the key drivers of this new wave,” Mkhize explained in the report.

“We would like to indicate that, having observed the trends in the past couple of weeks, we had already sent a letter to all MEC’s urging them to prepare their respective provinces for a second wave,” he added.

The minister also noted that the department is advising provinces on how best to prepare for the anticipated second wave during the festive season.

“The key issues that we have raised are that the provinces need to ensure that testing turnaround times are as quick as possible to facilitate patient flow, assess bed capacity including recalling field hospital beds, attend to staffing and equipment needs urgently and to tighten up monitoring and evaluation and reporting to national department,” he stressed.

Looking at the statistics from the latest report, the total number of infections to date now totals 828 598, with 754 658 recoveries (91.07 percent recovery rate) also recorded, as well as 22 574 fatalities linked to COVID-19.

The full breakdown of COVID-19 in South Africa, sans updated recoveries and active cases, is as follows:

Provinces Confirmed Cases Recoveries Active cases Deaths
Western Cape 144 419 122 478 21 941 4 918
Eastern Cape 140 647 126 012 14 635 5 116
Northern Cape 23 517 21 017 2 859 333
Free State 59 501 53 068 6 433 2 030
KwaZulu-Natal 134 184 119 616 14 568 3 413
North West 35 223 33 882 1 341 566
Mpumalanga 31 906 30 820 1 086 617
Gauteng 240 261 229 789 10 472 5 069
Limpopo 18 940 17 976 964 512
Unknown 0
TOTAL 828 598 754 658 73 940 22 574

As always, in order to stay up to date with the spread of COVID-19 in South Africa and abroad, we advise the following materials and platforms:

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