Those Nerf guns that shoot around corners aren’t coming to South Africa

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Over the last 12 hours or so you may have had your social media feed filled with pictures and videos of Nerf blasters even if you’ve never expressed interest in them before. That’s because Nerf parent company Hasbro has introduced toy guns that shoot around walls, but we won’t be getting them in South Africa despite the fervour.

Nerf’s new line of blasters is called Curve and is an offshoot of the Rival series of blasters. Rival blasters use small foam ball instead of the traditional darts, making them closer to faux paintball guns. Rival also sets itself apart by shooting harder and further than most other Nerf products too.

The Curve series – which has been revealed in three different blasters – feature a special barrel. Turning the barrel to one side or the other will impart a spin on the foam ball in that direction, making it curve as you can see here. Hasbro advertises this as a way to shoot targets which are around a corner or behind cover. It’s actually really cool and there was probably a lot of impressive toy engineering that went into it.

Now for the bad news: we spoke to a representative of Hasbro’s local, official distributors and right now there’s “no plans” for the Curve Rival range in the country.

We were a bit surprised by this as the regular Rival blasters were launched in South Africa and there’s still old stock around to buy right now. On top of this SA usually gets most Nerf products, so it’s sad to see that some of the most interesting ones won’t be coming. You can read our feature about the different Nerf types in South Africa here.

While we may not be able to buy these blasters any time soon we can still gawk over them. Below are the three blasters that will kick off the Rival Curve range, their US prices and overseas launch date provided via The Verge. With March relatively close maybe the status of the Nerf Rival Curve blasters in the country will change in August, when the biggest blaster of the range is released overseas.

Nerf Rival Curve Shot Flex XXI-100 | $14.99 | 1st March 2021

Nerf Rival Curve Shot Sideswipe XXI-1200 | $24.99 | 1st March 2021

Nerf Rival Curve Shot Helix XXI-2000 | $29.99 | 1at August 2021

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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