Cast your vote for a walking Boston Dynamics Spot made of LEGO

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The Spot quadrupedal robot from Boston Dynamics is one of the most famous robots in the world, and there’s potential for it to become a retail LEGO set if it gets enough votes.

This is thanks to LEGO Ideas, a platform where anyone can submit their builds for community voting. Any submission which acquires ten thousand votes will be officially reviewed by LEGO. After going through several more reviews it will either be scrapped or approved for production.

The latest Ideas submission we think you should vote on is a 1:4 scale mode of the bright yellow Spot which actually walks thanks to being motorised. It’s not as graceful as the real thing but it still looks great for being made out of bricks.

The build has been submitted to Ideas by user WalkCrawlRun who has submitted several walking LEGO creations in the past with less success. The Spot build, however, is gaining traction and was even chosen as a staff pick by the LEGO Ideas employees.

At the time of writing the submission has 2 049 supporters with 583 days left to vote. We’re almost certain that it will get to that 10K threshold soon as more people discover it.

“With LEGO technic power functions, you can build and operate your own mechanized Spot. Just like the engineers at Boston Dynamics, you will learn how to manage the inputs of size, weight, power and geometry to construct your own functional industrial robot. Execute a successful build, and you will be rewarded with your own Spot model to navigate around your home!” reads the description of the build.

If you’d like to see this succeed and potentially buy your own LEGO Spot in the future, head here and cast your vote. You will need to create an account with LEGO, however.

You may think that a walking robot is a bit too far flung for LEGO but you’d be wrong. The company’s Mindstorms and Powered Up themes both have a focus on robotics you can make and programme at home. Way back in 2007 LEGO even released a special version of the Star Wars AT-AT which used a “dumb” motorised walking system, just like this fan made Spot.

[Images – Tom Jones / WalkCrawlRun]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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