Seagate IronWolf is NAS storage that grows with you

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When it comes to choosing the drives to go into your Network Attached Storage (NAS), it may be tempting to grab generic drives and chuck them in, but, as always, it will serve you (and your data) well to go for a purpose built solution. When it comes to purpose building in the NAS space, Seagate’s IronWolf range is king.

Today let’s talk about two killer features that makes IronWolf your go to for NAS drives.

The first is the Agile Array firmware built into every IronWolf product that allows it stand up to constant use and high workloads. If you, your employees or your company have fast outpaced the regular nine to five and work is required longer than that most days, you really want the hardware to match that environment.

Error recovery, RAID optimisation, streaming support and smart power management is all baked in here. This all works to ensure that your data is working for you even when you’re hammering it 24/7. It’s also built with scalability in mind so you can upgrade your storage as your needs increase. As file sizes and client demands become ever bigger, you never want to be stuck with an ecosystem that is averse to growing, and that’s not a problem here.

AgileArray is so feature rich that not even our words here and the video below can cover everything. We encourage you to check out the full feature breakdown here to see everything that it can offer you. We’ll see you below to talk about SSDs.

When most people think of the NAS they imagine many HDD as they’ve always offered the best solution when it comes to price per gigabyte. While that remains true, Seagate and IronWolf have a unique proposition on the table: using SSDs to breathe new life into your HDD setup.

The hybrid approach in mind here is using an IronWolf SSD to act as a super fast cache for your HDD NAS. This mindset allows the perfect balance between cost, performance and size. This finally quells the fight over what kind of drive to get as you can settle for both and enjoy the benefits each bring to the table. Really the only downside to adding an SSD to your pipeline is that you’ll get accustomed to the speed and start thinking about replacing everything with this faster storage – an absolutely blazing fast approach only for those with the deepest of pockets.

Because the IronWolf range is so large, offering drives from 240GB all the way up to 4TB, you can mix and match HDDs and SSDs to suit your every need. Seagate is also committed to offering you compatibility with an online tool to marry your drives to a NAS. This is especially important in South Africa as our market is usually limited to a ragtag collection of brands and devices meaning that compatibility can be a problem not even Google can solve.

To get your own IronWolf NAS and other great Seagate storage solutions, Takealot has you covered.



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