New Justice League trailer finally gives us Darkseid’s Omega Beams

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We’re getting ever closer to the release of the fabled Snyder Cut of the Justice League and we have a second official trailer to keep the hype train going. The highlight this time around is Darkseid and his Omega Beams.

At around one minute, 30 seconds into the trailer we see an underwater battle between what appears to be Aquaman, Steppenwolf and Darkseid. The new big bad of this movie then uses the signature Omega Beams which bounce around at harsh angles just like in the comics.

It’s a bit blurry here due to the split second reveal and the fact that the scene is underwater, but there’s no mistaking it.

Another bit of Darkseid in this trailer is far less exciting. At about one minute, 10 seconds in there’s a shot of the character with what appears to be unfinished CGI. This isn’t too surprising as leaked copies of the movie have confirmed that several parts of it will be feature shots which aren’t exactly theatre ready.

We’ll have to wait until the proper release of the movie to see this for ourselves however, as its odd mix of old content from the original release and new content from Snyder and crew will surely be unique to say the least.

For those fans of  living in a society the Joker makes a blink and you’ll miss it appearance at the two minute mark.

The Snyder Cut – now officially referred to as “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” – will release this week on 18th March exclusively on the streaming service HBO Max. Unfortunately this leaves most of the world unable to legally watch the film, including us in South Africa.

Visiting the HBO Max website right now returns the error message “Not in Service Area or VPN Detected”. We’ve been holding thumbs that the platform would be opened up to more countries as we got closer to the release of this movie, but with just a handful of days before release there’s little chance of this happening.

Oh, and this trailer (embedded below) continues the ridiculous trend of a 4:3 aspect ratio that has been used for all the marketing material released recently.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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