Stage 2 Loadshedding to be implemented at 21:00 tonight as system remains vulnerable

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As has become an all too familiar occurrence in recent years, Eskom has issued an impromptu power alert this evening, communicating that stage 2 loadshedding will be implemented from 21:00 this evening and last until 05:00 tomorrow morning.

The reason for the loadshedding is due to a shortage of generation capacity, the power utility explained in a tweet (pasted below).

This as the return to service of three generation units this morning was delayed, along with an additional three units tripping during the course of today.

The power utility says it is working hard to return capacity as quickly as possible, but as always, has advised South Africans to use their electricity sparingly when they are not under stage 2 loadshedding.

As such, the power grid remains vulnerable, which could see stage 2 loadshedding extend or potentially be intensified should generation capacity not be restored.

With a reported 12 699MW of power unavailable currently due to breakdowns and delays, it looks like we could indeed see this latest bout of loadshedding be extended.

As always we recommend checking out the EskomSePush app on iOS, Android and the AppGallery to check the times stage 2 loadhsedding will impact your area. It is also advised to charge any essential hardware and tech in preparation for anything that happens later in the week.

[Image – Photo by dhahi alsaeedi on Unsplash]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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