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Updates have become the prime excuse for missing meetings

After a year of Zoom meetings, virtual events and webinars, it’s really not surprising that folks are getting fed up with the practice.

The concept of “Zoom fatigue”, as it’s colloquially known, has become rather common of late, so much so that Stanford University actually looked into the psychological effects. The findings from that study is rather interesting and the university also provided some ways to address the psychological toll video conference has on us all.

But, according to Kaspersky, some folks are avoiding this fatigue by skipping meetings and those folks are using updates as their reason.

As many as 15 percent of South African employees told Kaspersky they avoided meetings by pretending that they were installing updates. Another interesting factoid is that 19 percent of local employees surveyed by Kaspersky actually installed updates just to waste time at work.

As far as excuses go, your work being interrupted by updates is a rather plausible one as updates can be rather disruptive and your colleagues are more likely to believe the excuse.

But updates aren’t a convenient excuse and as many as 73 percent of employees said they wished updates happened outside of work hours. The report reveals that a staggering 39 percent of employees surveyed have lost part of their work due to their PC restarting to apply updates.

Of course, this is something that can be done by an IT team.

Desktops and notebooks can be configured to wake-on-LAN making the delivery of updates after hours a bit easier. IT teams should also try to create different deployment groups for patches and updates so that when problems are discovered they don’t have to assist an entire enterprise.

The cybersecurity firm also advises scheduling updates closer to the end of the work day.

You can find Kaspersky’s full report about updates and what bugbears employees and employers have regarding them here.

We were planning on adding a bit more to this story but wouldn’t you know it, we have an update pending. We’ll be out of commission for at least 30 minutes which is incidentally about as long as it takes to get cup of coffee from our local shop.

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