Facebook reportedly has a smartwatch with detachable display and cameras

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A number of companies have jumped into the smartwatch game in recent years, with varying degrees of success. Now Facebook is reportedly readying to throw its hat into the ring as new information has surfaced on plans to develop a wrist-mounted wearable from Zuckerberg and co.

While the company is yet to officially comment on such a device, The Verge has gained some inside knowledge into what Facebook is believed to be planning for its smartwatch.

This follows reports in February by The Information (paywall) that Facebook was indeed looking to launch a smartwatch of its own that focused on social media and content creation.

Back to The Verge and according to its sources, the smartwatch will feature the usual bevy of sensors and features we say on wearables these days, such as a real-time heart rate monitor along with the ability to support LTE connectivity for handling phone calls.

The more interesting element of the report is that the smartwatch will feature a detachable display that could also house a pair of cameras. This would allow wearers to essentially remove the watch face, take pictures or record video and share it direct to social media, which in this case would likely be Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

If such functionality did indeed exist, it would make the Facebook smartwatch quite intriguing. Especially as cameras on smartwatches to date have solely been front facing and design for video calls.

As such, what is described in the report sounds a lot like Snap Inc’s Spectacles, but instead of being on your face and only used when the Sun is out, this smartwatch could be used 24/7.

It remains to be seen if these rumours are indeed true, but if they are, Facebook could have an interesting albeit expensive piece of hardware on its hands.

[Source – The Verge]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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