Get back into the world with 1MORE QuietMax

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During the pandemic the world became much more cognisant of the audio space with headphones, microphones and more becoming a vital necessity to continue working and studying.

As we look into the near future where we’re all ready to get back into the world one feature is becoming more important: active noise cancellation (ANC).

For those unfamiliar this feature does what it says in the tin by getting rid of outside noise. The chief benefit of this amazing technology is that you get better quality audio because none of it is adulterated by outside noise. This makes listening much easier and those scratchy phone calls a breeze since you don’t have to fight sounds you don’t want to hear.

This has become especially important with the rise of in-ear headphones which can’t physically cover the ears to block that noise.

ANC, however, has been around for a while and it’s available in many forms, so what sets 1MORE‘s QuietMax ANC apart and makes it better?

Like all good solutions QuietMax has multiple answers to the problems at hand.

Firstly there’s Luca Bignardi, a sound engineer with several Grammys to his name. Bignardi makes sure that the ANC circuitry does not interfere with the audio quality, a step many other implementations miss resulting in audio that is harmed by the process. 1MORE reveals that this is accomplished by separating the bass and treble and filling in the missing frequencies which ANC circuitry affects.

Bignardi and team know about the poor ANC implementations from the past that offer noise cancellation but replace it with distortion, and that is not the case here. 

You can see an exploded view of one of the QuietMax 1MORE headphones in the header image above, and you can see some impressions of the tech in the video below:

While a big focus of ANC is to better enjoy your audio it, traditionally, has some side effects which can make the experience less enjoyable. QuietMax addresses these especially when it comes to wind and ear pressure.

Wind on ANC devices can cause an irritating buffeting effect which is going to get really annoying when going for walks, runs and hikes become more common again. QuietMax uses Wind Noise Reduction (WNR) which reduces the sensitivity of the ANC so that wind becomes less of an issue.

For those who have used ANC systems before and found them to cause ear pressure problems QuietMax gets around this by offering two modes for the ANC which you can set depending on your environment. There’s one for more common noises like offices, cafes and homes, and another for the harsher sounds of engines and commuting.

By offering these two ANC systems in one 1MORE brings you ANC that is finally free of distortion that has plagued this audio space for so long.

When you look at the benefits of QuietMax you may think that it’s cutting edge tech packed away in only the most expensive devices, but you’d be wrong. 

You can experience it today in the 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro True Wireless Headphones, a premium pair of in-ear headphones with a local RRP of R1 899. 

The ComfoBuds Pro True Wireless Headphones bring you the distortion-free QuietMax as the cherry on top. Despite weighing just 5.2 grams each these headphones are packing 13.4 mm dynamic drivers, IPX4 sweat and water resistance, custom touch controls, Bluetooth 5.0 and a perfect fit you can tune with the included range of ear tips. 

All of this isn’t at the cost of battery life with 1MORE promising you six hours of playback with the earphones alone and up to 20 hours if you include the extra charge from the carry case. If that’s not enough you can also get back two more hours of play with 15 minutes of quick charging. 

And to suit your style, it comes in black and white.

For that R1 899 you’ll be hard pressed to find a competitor with the same feature set, if you can find a competitor at all.



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