Iron Man on Sakaar: A Marvel What If episode may have leaked

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Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ show “What If…?” is an animated series where each episode looks at an alternate reality where something fundamental has changed in the MCU. Some episode premises have been revealed to the public, but a new one involving Sakaar and Iron Man may have just been leaked.

This reveal comes to us from Amazon France which has mistakenly listed a LEGO set early ahead of an official reveal. Set 76194: Tony Stark’s Sakaarian Iron Man is what appears to be a Hulkbuster suit made out of mismatched parts.

For those out of the loop Sakaar is the trash planet which was the setting for much of Thor: Ragnarok. If we had to guess what the premise of this episode would be, it looks like what would happen if Tony Stark was sent to Sakaar instead of Thor and has to fight Hulk with a suit made of scrap.

The set is also unique in the fact that the Hulkbuster can be rebuilt into what looks like a race car.

Also included here is minifigures of Tony Stark, Valkyrie and The Watcher. The inclusion of The Watcher is odd as, in the What If….? series this character acts as the host, showing the audience these divergent universes.

It’s at this point we have to point out that, at many points in the past, toys have not been the best source of early information on movies, especially when it comes to Marvel.

Early release toys with inaccuracies are so common that it has happened before with another version of the Hulkbuster. Several toys were released prior to Avengers; Infinity War showing the Hulk bursting out of the Hulkbuster suit. This never happened in the movie, but Bruce Banner did pilot the Hulkbuster at one point.

These inaccuracies are usually caused by the toy companies needing a massive lead up time to produce their wares, necessitating that work is done based on incomplete information from the movie studios.

LEGO is guilty of this with many of its sets proved to be completed unrelated to the movies. The most infamous of this is set 76008: Iron Man vs. The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown made for Iron Man 3 (see the image below)

This set shows Iron Man and The Mandarin fighting it out with the latter piloting what appears to be a tiny scooter with a flamethrower. This, again, did not happen in the movie.

For now it’s back to waiting to see if this reveal is real and if Tony Stark visits Sakaar. Marvel’s What If…? still has no set release date with “Summer 2021” still set as the window for launch. The US Summer is between late June and late September.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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