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Microsoft Surface notebooks are great for businesses says Tarsus

Rolling out new notebooks in your business isn’t as simple as unboxing the notebook and switching it on. There are applications that need to be installed, security measures need to be implemented and user accounts set up.

Because of this complexity, IT teams often have to spend many hours setting up endpoints for employees representing yet more cost on top of the cost of the notebooks.

Picking a notebook that is easy to configure within your business then is rather valuable and according to Tarsus Distribution, the Microsoft Surface range of notebooks fits that bill.

“IT professionals constantly face challenges with deploying devices, while keeping teams productive,” explains Gary Pickford, chief commercial officer at Tarsus Distribution.

“Surface and Microsoft 365, supported by Windows, deliver a more efficient and secure platform while producing cost benefits and reducing complexity. Companies that are switching to Surface devices are reporting greater end user productivity due to simplified collaboration and device interfaces, benefits to IT efficiency because of simplified device deployment and management, and overall business cost savings thanks to enhanced security and device consolidation,” adds Pickford.

This makes sense for a business that is already entrenched in the Microsoft ecosystem and tools like Windows Autopilot make it easier to configure devices via the cloud. While this saves IT teams time, it also insures a degree of homogeneity across devices within an organisation.

“Device Firmware Configuration Interface (DFCI)2 and Microsoft Endpoint Manager enables them to remotely manage thousands of Surface devices down to the firmware layer. The devices have the unique ability to do this through Windows Autopilot,” explains Microsoft Surface business development manager at Tarsus Distribution, Daniel Collins.

Beyond that, Surface notebooks ship with a minimum one year warranty for hardware defects and malfunctions and there is an option to extend this after sales support if necessary.

While there are many options when it comes to Windows notebooks, Surface is an attractive brand given it’s from Microsoft itself and it appears that at an enterprise level, it’s a good buy as well.

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