Valve re-releases a Steam update of all things

When we hear the word “re-release” it usually has to do with an older game that the developer or publisher is carting out again to make money a second time, but in the case of Valve it’s for a Steam update.

The Steam client update released on 7th June has now been re-released with additional changes on 8th June / 9th June (depending on your time zone).

These additional fixes are as follows:

Steam Input


Valve, being the usual black box of information that it is, has not stated why it has needed to take this re-release approach.

We can only assume that the fixes above were important enough to push out immediately instead of waiting for the next update cycle, or they were problems that needed addressing after the 7th June update.

Maybe as a testament to the stability of Steam the only fixed problem on these lists that we’ve experienced before is corruption of an install when our PC was shutdown without first pausing the process. We haven’t had this happen for a while now so hopefully the fix means it will never happen again.

The full patch notes for the original 7th June update can be found below.

Steam Input
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