TikTok’s new Shoutouts test lets you buy custom videos from creators

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TikTok has not stopped in its effort to attract more creators to its platform, with the ability to monetise content being the key strategy. The latest feature that the platform is testing out with this in mind is called Shoutouts.

First reported on by Buzzfeed News, the new feature is said to work in a similar fashion to Fivrr or Cameo, where users can be commissioned to create custom TikTok videos.

You will be able to reach out to creators on the platform to make a custom video, with the in-app currency used for tipping live videos being put to use on Shoutouts too. It also looks like creators will be able to set their own rates too, so expect the more popular TikTok creators to charge a hefty fee.

That said, it is unclear at this stage whether creators will be required to meet a follower threshold in order to gain access to Shoutouts.

For now access to the feature is extremely limited during the testing phase, with Buzzfeed News noting that only Turkey and the UAE appear to have access at the time of writing.

If you live in either of those regions, or one where the feature will be tested in future, the option to request custom videos will appear below the creator’s bio. Once clicked on you’ll get a pop-up notification outlining the process for Shoutouts, as well as the pricing that a creator has assigned for custom content.

Thereafter the custom video will be sent you via DM.

This could be a very interesting feature for TikTok down the line, and we hope that it is not just custom videos that get this treatment as a range of different content creators exist on the platform.

For now though, we need to see how well the limited test works out before details of a wider release are shared.

[Source – Buzzfeed News]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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