Titans season three trailer may have the most spoilers yet

Turn back now if you don’t want spoilers about season three of Titans. Seriously, this new trailer for the upcoming season seems to spoil as much as possible, even with the thumbnail image on YouTube.

This is your final warning.

Okay everyone still here has been given the prerequisites. Usually when an entire project is spoiled we expect it to come from insider sources leaking information, which happened recently with other superhero property Spider-Man, but this time it’s from DC directly.

This trailer shows that season three will basically be doing the Death in the Family arc from the comics. It’s hilarious to see that the trailer shows off the events in complete chronological order: the Joker returns and seemingly kills Robin, Batman quits, the Red Hood appears and starts killing people.

Just about the only thing the trailer didn’t show is the fact that it’s Jason Todd under the Red Hood but if you didn’t make that connection we don’t know what to tell you.

Other spoilers in the trailer include: Batman apparently asks Robin trainees to survive a night in the woods, Barbara Gordon is here, Arkham City is visited, the Scarecrow appears and Raven has a new costume (see the header image above).

Those are just the quickfire spoilers. We’re sure someone with a keener eye picked up many more as there’s zero restraint shown here.

Is it possible that revealing this is all a massive misdirection? Could the showrunners be tricking us into thinking the Death in the Family arc is here but things will play out differently?

Sure, anything could happen, I could spontaneously catch fire writing this sentence or a lottery winner could ring my doorbell and give me their ticket just for fun.

If things don’t play out in the most obvious ways I’m willing to eat humble pie season two of this show was such a let down that I think I’m safe.

Titans season three is scheduled for release on 12th August only on HBO Max, a streaming service South Africa (and many other countries) continues to not have access to.


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