24th February 2024 11:28 am
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Trump is launching a social media platform and it’s called TRUTH Social

During the final year of his Presidency, Donald Trump and big tech firms often went head-to-head, specifically over what he did on social media.

It famously led to his Facebook and Twitter accounts being suspended, but now the former US president is creating a social media platform of his own – TRUTH Social.

The platform currently has a landing page, with the ability to join a waitlist, as well as it looking like an iOS application being made available once TRUTH Social is launched in 2022.

“TRUTH Social is America’s ‘Big Tent’ social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology,” reads a blurb on said landing page.

During the 2020 US Elections, much of the rhetoric out of Trump’s supporter base revolved around mainstream media and social media in particular had a negative bias towards the president at the time.

While that point it certainly up for debate, much of the time social media platform algorithms appeared to boost the visibility of Trump-related content, likely to how volatile and divisive it was, often driving engagement regardless of which side of the political landscape you leaned.

As Engadget notes, there were actually some instances where Trump benefitted on social media, with Instagram favouring content from the then-president over that of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden during the elections.

Either way, given the size of his support, the launch of TRUTH Social from a business perspective could be promising for Trump, especially if he is looking to grow his media empire.

That said, there are still several unanswered questions regarding the platform, such as how users will engage with it or share opinions, along with whether content will be moderated or monitored in any way.

There is also the not so small matter of finding tech companies to assist with its operation, as we have seen sites like Parler suffering as a result of its divisive community.

[Image – Arlington National Cemetery on Flickr]

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