New World players need to bookmark this interactive map

The latest MMO on the block is Amazon Games’ New World and at the weekend we dove head first into the game.

While we’re still in the early stages of the game, Amazon Games’ looks to have a winner on its hands with the game topping Steam’s charts and absolutely eating players’ time since it launched on 28th September.

Players arrive on the mythical island of Aeternum which is brimming with energy and more importantly, loot.

And while New World can be fun it can also be a rather confusing slog given the sheer size of the island and how packed it is with enemies, quests and crafting materials. While this isn’t apparent in the first hour or so, as your character levels up and you explore the world, you realise that you’re going to need some help and we have the best solution – an interactive map.

This interactive map was created by /u/aToO57 on Reddit with help from a “small group of players” and it contains just about everything you’re looking for in New World.

The map allows you to filter what is displayed so, if you’re looking for iron ore or you’re looking to stock up on fish, you can make sure the map only shows you those resources.

It’s not just resources though. If you can’t recall where Sylvia Oakes is located in First Light, you can filter the map to only show NPCs in a specific area.

Given the amount of questions we saw about resource gathering in the global chat at the weekend, this map really is more valuable than you think.

Quite frankly the map has saved us a few hours that we would have spent wandering aimlessly throughout the world. Not that wandering aimlessly is a problem, New World is quite beautiful to look at it.

If however you are looking at levelling up quickly and efficiently the map above should come in handy. We also recommend the video below to maximise your experience farming during the early stages of the game.

New World is available now exclusively on PC through Steam.


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