Squid Game costumes top Google search terms, dress as something else

This Sunday is Halloween and given that the next day is a public holiday, you might be considering a Halloween party.

That means you’re going to need a costume and if you were thinking about dressing up as one of the contestants or guards from Squid Game, you might want to think again if being unique is important to you.

While Halloween is traditionally an American festivity – despite it having started as the Celtic Festival of Samhain – a press release sent to Hypertext by Google shows that the event is rather popular locally.

Searches for the term “Halloween” have been rising steadily over the last 30 days, particularly in the the Northern Cape. Yes, we were also curious about why the Northern Cape is so interested in Halloween but Google didn’t provide information in that regard. In the last seven days, the Western Cape searched for Halloween the most followed by KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

What Google does tell us is what the most searched for Halloween costumes were this week and, as mentioned, Squid Game tops the charts. The full top ten, in order of popularity, follows below:

  1. Squid game costume
  2. Superhero costumes
  3. Catwoman costume
  4. Harley Quinn
  5. Masquerade costume hire
  6. Wednesday Addams costume
  7. Joker costume
  8. Money Heist costume
  9. Maleficent costume
  10. Tinkerbell costume

Given that Halloween Kills is on circuit as of today, we find it a bit odd that Michael Myers wasn’t more popular.

The top search terms related to Halloween for the week were:

  1. Halloween costumes
  2. When is Halloween
  3. Easy Halloween costumes
  4. What is Halloween
  5. Halloween movies
  6. Halloween makeup ideas
  7. Sexy Halloween costume ideas
  8. Halloween decorations
  9. Halloween outfits
  10. Halloween ideas

With all of this information, hopefully you can create your own unique costume even though we’re 99 percent certain everybody is going to go the Squid Game route anyway.


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