Epic Games Store sale, plus coupon, joins free copy of Shenmue 3

Okay let’s start with the offer that’s running out soon, as the weekly free game on the Epic Games Store is Shenmue 3, and its R0 price tag goes away later today.

Claim it here for free before it’s too late.

Now that it’s in your library… you may not want to play it. Sure this is a classic example of looking a gift horse in the mouth, but Shenmue 3 really failed to impress when it launched.

We’re going to link to a video that spoils the entirety of the game and is 48 minutes long. Yes that’s a very long video and spoiling the game before booting it up is usually a no-no, this video is a must-watch.

“Shenmue 3 is a Terrible Game and I’ve Wasted My Life” by Super Eyepatch Wolf is a superb video that delves into why the Shenmue series is so beloved and what massive mistakes the third game made.

On the other side of things it costs you nothing to play this game now, aside from your time and the internet to download it, so if you have nothing to lose check it out.

The other event happening on the Epic Games Store right now, with a larger window to participate, is the Holiday Sale 2021.

You can find the holiday main sale page right here and it’s a holiday miracle because the free coupon is back.

Coupons have been a real draw for sales on the platform in the past but have been absent recently.

The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 2021 lasts until 6th January 2022, and anyone who logs into the store before it ends will get their coupon automatically added to their account.

The value and minimum spend for this coupon varies according to regional pricing with a breakdown, and other Ts&Cs, available here.

For us in South Africa the coupon is worth R160, but only on a purchase of R239.99.

The coupon can be combined with the sale, which is claimed to be up to 75 percent off on certain games, so you can combo into some decent savings here.

Lastly, for those who want more gratis content on top of Shenmue 3, there are some freebies to be had with DLC for Fortnite, Rocket League and Warframe all up for grabs.


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