Oppo will reveal its first foldable phone, the FindN, on 15th December

This week Oppo announced a teaser for its first ever commercial foldable phone, the FindN, with the device set to be revealed on 15th December at its INNO DAY 2021.

This is not the first foldable device that Oppo has showcased, with the Chinese firm revealing a concept phone with a rollable display, but based off of the teaser video pasted below, it looks like the FindN will feature a design akin to the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

“We believe that a good product must first be beautiful and pleasant – simple in design, natural and comfortable in material. It needs to offer powerful performance while maintaining an appropriate weight and size. Especially for a foldable device with a large-screen, it has to feel good in the hand. The OPPO Find N has achieved each of these,” notes Oppo in a blog post.

“With the Find N, we have solved the main pain points in previous foldable smartphones, such as the crease in the display and overall durability of the device, by inventing perhaps the best hinge and display designs available today. We look forward to truly pushing the folding screen experience forward,” it adds.

As such, definitive details on the device are slim for now, but if you are planning to see Oppo South Africa launch it locally, the chances are slim at this stage. This as Oppo has not launched a flagship phone in SA to date and a device as expensive as the FindN will likely be, probably won’t be the first.

Either way, it looks like Samsung and Huawei are not the only players when it comes to foldable phones, but it remains to be seen if Oppo’s first outing will be any better than the two companies and their initial iterations.


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