Unique cheating game Card Shark is out early 2022

Card Shark is one of the most unique games we’ve seen in a while and publisher Devolver Digital has announced that it will be available “early next year”.

Created by Developer Nerial, which has created Reigns and Animal Farm in the past, Card Shark is about cheating your way through the past to uncover a conspiracy.

“Cheat your way to the top of 18th-century French society. Master deceptions using card marking, false shuffles, deck switching, false deals, and more! Use your ill-gotten gains to buy your way into the closed world of high-stakes tables,” a description for the game reads.

Aside from this unique premise what’s really selling Card Shark to us is the art design and animation. The painterly look here is fantastic and the animation for complex hand movements like shuffling cards is impeccable.

When your cheating is discovered in the games things can take a turn for the worst as we see pistols and swords broken out. Unlike a game such as Red Dead Redemption 2, where you can simply stand up from the poker table and gun your opponents down in an instant, things are a lot more deadly here.

Unfortunately this new trailer and the early 2022 release date is only for the Nintendo Switch and PC. Devolver Digital has released games on limited platforms like this in the past but here’s hoping that wider availability will come later.

Speaking of Devolver it seems to be on a roll when it comes to unique games centred around cards. Recently the demo for Inscryption won us over completely and the full release of the game in October won a lot of praise from critics and the public alike.

Despite being a smaller indie title, Inscryption currently has 29 599 reviews on Steam with 96 percent of them being positive. It then has the coveted “Overwhelming Positive” review rating. Inscryption is currently 20 percent off in the last hours of the Steam Autumn Sale 2022.


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