A Min Min amiibo is coming this year as Minecraft pair delayed

Every few months something new will be announced involving amiibo and we’ll be reminded that, oh yeah, Nintendo is still making these things.

Now this has happened again with Arms character Min Min, which will be available from 29th April.

We’ve only reviewed a few official looks at the new figure including the short video which is embedded below and two rather low res pictures which you can see in the header image above.

Those pictures com from the official Nintendo website here which is rather sparse when it comes to information, online listing the two pictures, the release date and a general list of seven games that the amiibo is compatible with.

Interestingly Arms is not one of the games that is included in that list.

Those in South Africa who want to buy a Min Min either out of a love for Arms or Smash Bros. – or the fact that they actually like the character – should set aside around R299.

This is the general price of standard-sized amiibos as sold by Core, the official Nintendo distributor in South Africa, through its own store.

That R299 price applies to most single amiibos but some, seemingly at random, are also priced at R349.

Nintendo has also used the Min Min reveal to give us an update on the two amiibo figures from Minecraft that have already been announced.

“The Steve & Alex [Smash Bros amiibo] were previously announced to launch in spring 2022. However, due to a logistics and production delay, unfortunately the release timing has been delayed to later in 2022,” the company writes.

While it’s nice to have an update on these two we hope this news doesn’t cause people to panic buy or scalp.

The earlier days of amiibo were known for short supply and collecting was a nightmare of fighting off bots and scalpers. It was kind of like practice for the current market of short supply due to the pandemic affecting manufacturing and delivery, but back then it was simply Nintendo not making enough to go around.

We covered some of the shaky amiibo supply in South Africa last year.


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