Pokémon releases weird live action / puppet ads for Legends: Arceus

Pokémon Legends: Arceus has made a name for itself by breaking many conventions of the series formula, something it is now leaning into for a marketing campaign featuring live action, as well as what appears to be puppets.

The adverts all include the slogan “It’s Pokémon, but not as you know it!” and each of them seek to parody a genre of television.

Three adverts have been released so far, all of which you can watch in the embeds below. “The DRAMA” parodies soap operas, “An antique?” reality antiquing shows and “Snack attack!” competitive cooking shows.

Each of the live action portions of the adverts end with some gameplay from Legends: Arceus.

Aside from the hammy acting and the rather impressive puppets – assuming they aren’t just CGI – we like the little details such as the nice ancient Poké Ball replica in the “An antique?” video. This advert is also the funniest of the three for the abrupt chaos of a Basculegion – a giant, angry fish possessed by the souls of its dead friends – absolutely wrecking shop at an antique show.

We really hope there’s more of these adverts on the way. What about a
Kleavor in a parody of the show Forged in Fire? Or Hisuian Zoroark in a beauty show because it has the best hair.

If these ads have you interested in just how different Legends: Arceus is, check out our review. For those already playing but stuck on the Snowpoint Temple or Uxie eyes puzzles, we have you covered too.


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