Apple set to host an event next week amid rumours of new iPads and iPhones

The official Twitter account for Apple has tweeted, which can only mean one thing – there is an event happening soon.

Just in case you weren’t aware, the Apple Twitter account only ever tweets about events before deleting that tweet and forcing the account into a dormant state. The account follows nobody, it doesn’t like anything and it’s all just a very weird way to use the platform.

Anyway, Apple’s oddities aside, the event.

On 8th March at 10:00PST – which is 20:00 here in South Africa – Apple will host an event. What this event will launch is unclear, but there are several rumours being lobbied about.

Of the rumours we’re more confident in reporting on are those presented by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman who notes that, according to sources with knowledge of Apple’s event, we can expect a new low-cost iPhone and an updated iPad.

On the rumour of a new iPad, we suspect this will be a new iPad Pro given that Apple recently launched a refreshed iPad and iPad Mini in September 2021. With the launch of the M1 Pro and M1 Max late last year we wouldn’t mind a tablet that houses one of those chips but that’s just us putting ideas into the wind.

As for the low-cost iPhone or the iPhone SE as it is known, Bloomberg reports that it may sport 5G connectivity, a better camera and an improved processor compared to the older generation of iPhone SE. Given that handset is now two years old these improvements will likely be welcomed by folks who don’t want to use more affordable Android powered smartphones.

There is also talk of the possibility we’ll see a new Mac next week.

This lines up with reports that Apple was readying a new M2 chip for release alongside four new Macs, but Apple could be saving that for release later this year.

However, given Intel’s recent release of its 12th Generation Intel Core processors and the warm reception those chips have received, Apple could be looking to keep its share of the market by introducing a new chip that out performs what Intel has on offer.

Another release that’s expected is the release of iOS 15.4. This updated OS will support Face ID with a mask as well as Universal Control that will allow users to use a single keyboard and mouse/trackpad across multiple devices.

Apple hasn’t said where it will be streaming this event but we recommend heading to the official Apple website on 8th March for information on where to find that stream.


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