Slack is disconnecting customers in Russia

The mass exodus from Russia by technology companies continues, with Slack now the latest platform to do so. The move tracks as its parent company, Salesforce, announced that it too would be exiting Russia amid the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Along with towing the company line, it looks like Slack is also doing as the US government has instructed.

“Slack is required to take action to comply with sanctions regulations in the U.S. and other countries where we operate, including in some circumstances suspending accounts without prior notice, as mandated by law,” a spokesperson told Axios.

“We are in contact with affected customers regarding the impact of these actions on their account status, where permitted by law,” it added.

It looks like the general public still has access to the platform for now, with Axios adding that this initial disconnection is impacting organisations specifically. Precisely which ones have been affected as a result, has yet to be disclosed.

As Engadget points out, while Slack is a communication platform for organisations and teams, it can also serve as a storage of important information and data for the business.

It is therefore unclear what this disconnection means for said data, as well as whether these organisations can get the data back.

That said, according to a Salesforce statement earlier this month, it seems like the company has a small presence in Russia, so the impact might not be as great as some of the more high profile exists we have seen to date.

“We do not have a material business in Russia. Through resellers and other channels we have a very small number of Russia-based customers, and we began exiting those relationships last week,” noted Salesforce.

Given the aforementioned guidance issued by the US government, there are still many more companies that will be announcing exits or suspension of service in Russia over the coming weeks.




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