What to expect at tonight’s Apple Peek Performance event

This evening, 20:00 local time to be precise, Apple will be hosting another consumer focused event that it is dubbing Peek Performance.

While what will officially be unveiled by the Cupertino-based firm is yet to be confirmed, industry murmurings give us a fairly solid idea of what to expect.

To that end, here’s what we will likely see from Apple’s Peer Performance event later tonight.

The first and most obvious device is a new iPhone SE. It remains to be seen what older model of iPhone it will be inspired by, but the key elements here are what new components Apple aims to integrate. On that front, it is likely that the new iPhone SE will support 5G, bringing it on par with the company’s more recent hardware.

It will likely sport Apple’s A15 Bionic chipset too, which is what is expected for a new iteration of iPad Air come this evening, with 5G touted as well for the company’s thin tablet offering.

While it remains to be seen what price tag Apple puts on the third generation of iPhone SE, if it can make it something more wallet friendly, it could have a real winner on its hands, with the combination of 5G and its latest mobile silicon proving quite tempting.

The same goes for a new iPad Air, although the breadth of options currently available would not make it a must-have device just yet.

On the more highly rumoured side of the spectrum lies MacBook and a new MacBook Air running an M2 chip.

While the prospect of a new MacBook Air imbued with updated silicon sounds great, we are also hoping that some of the elements found on the latest MacBook Pro notebooks filters down to the Air, such as the return of MagSafe and new displays, sans notch though.

Sticking with silicon we could see last year’s M1 Max and Pro chipsets port over to options in the iMac range as it looks to beef up its lineup of all-in-one desktop devices.

Lastly, the name of the event has people guessing if there is going to be one more thing. There have been rumblings of an Apple AR/VR headset and Peek Performance would certainly hint at a teaser for such a device, so hopefully Apple has a few surprises in store outside of what has been mentioned above.

To tune into the live stream for Peek Performance, you can head over to Apple’s YouTube channel at 20:00 local time, or if you’re running Safari, the company’s official Events site. We will also be live tweeting all the details on our Twitter account.

We have also embedded the YouTube video for tonight’s live stream below.


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