Nedbank online infrastructure is down

UPDATE: Nedbank has issued a statement confirming that its services are up and running again as intended.

Our original story continues below.

Nedbank customers who have tried to use any parts of the institution’s online offerings today have been met with errors which the bank has now commented on.

“We are aware that some Nedbank clients are experiencing difficulty logging onto online banking, Money app and cellphone banking today. We are working hard to restore these services as quickly as possible and apologise for the inconvenience caused,” an announcement reads.

Unfortunately this announcement comes with no ETA on a fix and no real path for customers to take other than to simply wait for the situation to to be resolved on the company’s end.

The timing of these problems is also no ideal as, for many South Africans, it is on or near payday. This time of month is when many people most need to access their online accounts, especially to make important payments to avoid falling behind.

Customers who try to access these services may find themselves waiting for a log in indefinitely followed by an error message, a screenshot of which you can see in the header image above.

The error message gives no real added information that wasn’t provided in the announcement aside from providing a number to call: 08005555111.

According to the Nedbank Contact Us page, this number is the general service Everyday Baking line which, thankfully is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This after hours availability is especially welcome as, at the time of publication, it is already late afternoon and it may not be possible for customers to physically visit a branch should they have any issues. Customers who are currently at work and may have missed the announcement may also only see this unfortunate problem once they get home.

While not mentioned by Nedbank at all, we have to wonder if these problems have anything to do with loadshedding. We recently saw the University of South Arica (Unisa) postpone examinations due to loadshedding affecting its servers.


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