Postgrads invited to Wits talk with Nature editors

Tomorrow the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) is hosting a rather special online meeting with editors from the renowned Nature journal.

The webinar is titled “Submission strategies with Nature Portfolio” and takes place on Zoom between 12:15 and 13:15 local time with registration available here.

There doesn’t seem to be any monetary cost to registering with the process only requiring your full name and an email address.

“This one-hour workshop is sponsored by Nature Africa, the online publication for science communication in sub-Saharan Africa and affiliated with Nature, the world’s leading scientific journal and the flagship journal for Nature Portfolio,” a description of the event reads.

“This session briefly discusses how postgraduate students can determine the most appropriate target audience and how to identify the best journals/platforms to share their work. We highlight what Nature Portfolio editors are looking for when evaluating submitted manuscripts.”

The webinar will have two speakers: Doctor Harry Shirley (Editorial Development Manager at Nature Portfolio) and Akin Jimoh (Chief Editor of Nature Africa).

Wits promises that Shirley will be sharing submission strategies for publication in academic journals, a skill that is paramount for postgraduates.

This webinar is part of the ongoing events and celebrations hosted by Wits for its centennial.

“This year, Wits celebrates 100 years of producing knowledge for good. Our postgraduate students are our torch-bearers who will take the knowledge project forward by making their research and scholarship visible to the world. One of our key strategic priorities is thus to support our postgraduate students by providing the tools and tactics to help them amplify their academic voice and publish research with impact,” the university writes.


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