Travel the world (digitally) with another Imgur community event

Image sharing site Imgur has kicked off another community event, this time called Dream Destinations.

As you may have guessed by the name the focus of this one is travel, with users encouraged to share pictures of locales around the world.

“For the next few days (June 13 – 15), it’s time to let your wanderlust go wild. All submissions to the #dreamdestination tag will receive the exclusive trophy. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been there or want to go; if it’s somewhere special, you should share it. Alternatively, you can soak up some inspiration for your next vacation by taking a peek at the places your peers have gone or want to go. The top 5 posts by upvote will receive some Imgur swag, the ultra-rare Lucky Winner trophy, and two months of Imgur Emerald on us,” the announcement reads.

The time zones here make those dates a bit wonky as the event only kicked off a few hours ago at the time of publication, so there’s more time left to enter than may appear. That being said you should make a submission ASAP if you want to participate.

For those who don’t frequent Imgur the incentives here need some explanation. The trophy mentioned above is displayed on your user profile and serves no real purpose other than to look nice.

Imgur Emerald on the other hand is the paid account for the platform that grants several bonuses such as ad-free browsing.

Neither of these are too enticing or really necessary so this really is just something to do for the fun of it.

“This week we are taking a trip around the world. Humans have an innate desire to explore, and as Imgurians, we are no strangers to discovery. From landmarks to mountain ranges, beaches, and everything in between, we want to see the destinations of your dreams,” the announcement continues.

You can see some of the top submissions in our screenshot below but for the full gallery head here. Right now there are only 341 posts which is rather low for this kind of event again owing to how new it is. For those who just want to look at submissions it’s worth checking back once the event is over.


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