Imgur hosting digital Field Day community event

Image sharing site Imgur has started yet another community event with the theme of this one being a Field Day that users can participate it.

Despite the name, this field day will instead last multiple days starting on 13th July and lasting until 24th July.

Like past community events users are encouraged to share images, gifs and videos on the site by using the #fieldday tag when uploading accompanied by another tag related to their category of choice.

“For the uninitiated, a Field Day is an outdoor event organized to foster fun among peers via friendly competitions. From three-legged races to tug of war, the ultimate goal is to bring home those bragging rights. Our Field Day won’t be in person, or even a single day, because you can’t constrain the creativity of Imgurians to a single 24-hour window. We invite you to let your creativity out to play and enter events in five fun categories,” the announcement reads.

Those five categories are listed below with a short explanation summarised by us:

Click on the hyperlink above to be taken to the gallery for that respective category.

As for what participants are competing for it’s the usual Imgur trophy which is displayed on your profile, but there is something extra this time around.

“Every entrant will receive the fantastic 2022 Imgur Field day trophy for participating! As judged by the Imgur Community’s upvotes, the top competitors in each category will receive a physical award befitting their victory: a medal adorned with the almighty dootcoin and two months of Imgur Emerald on us,” the contest announcement reads.

“In addition to the upvote chosen champion, a panel of seasoned Imgurians will select an additional winner for a total of 2 in each category. The second winner in each event will not be chosen by upvotes, so it’s anyone’s game. Focus on creating the best content you can, and you’ll have a shot at claiming a prize.”


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