Avatar, The Office, Mario, Black Panther LEGO coming to SA

South African LEGO fans will be happy to see that pricing and availability for many sets from James Cameron’s Avatar (the first one), The Office, Super Mario Bros. and Black Panther.

This news comes to us from the Great Yellow Brick website, which is the online store portion of the Certified LEGO Stores in South Africa. This means that the prices here are the RRP, so you may still find them cheaper (or even more expensive) if you look elsewhere.

Great Yellow Brick has all of the sets listed for a “Mid October” launch. These sets will release on 1st October overseas but sometimes the site will be more cautious with the release window so we may still see them available closer to the beginning of the month.

Below find the list of new sets listed on the site along with the piece count and South African pricing of each. Click on the set number to be taken to the individual store pages.


  • 75574: Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls | 1 212 pieces | R2 699;
  • 75573: Floating Mountains: Site 26 & RDA Samson | 887 pieces | R1 699;
  • 75572: Jake & Neytiri’s First Banshee Flight | 572 pieces | R999;
  • 75571: Neytiri & Thanator vs. AMP Suit Quaritch | 560 pieces | R699;
  • 40554: BrickHeadz Jake Sully & his Avatar | 246 pieces | R349.

The Office

  • 21336: LEGO Ideas The Office | 1 164 | R2 199.

Super Mario 

  • 71411: The Mighty Bowser | 2 807 pieces | R4 299.

Black Panther 

  • 76211: Shuri’s Sunbird | 355 pieces | R849;
  • 76212: Shuri’s Lab | 58 pieces | R149.

Something you may have picked up on here is the high prices, even for LEGO. We’re getting further and further away from the gold standard of R1 per piece when it comes to LEGO in South Africa.

For these sets it is a combination of recent prices increases, licensing and specialised pieces which have brought up the prices.

For the Avatar sets, for example, LEGO has made longer legs than a standard minifigure to represent the fact that the Na’vi are taller than regular humans. Interestingly, these longer legs were originally created for Woody from Toy Story.

There’s more nuance to the price here too when you look at the much-anticipated set based on The Office. While price per piece is one way to calculate the “value” of a set, this one offers a lot more due to the sheer amount of minifigs. In the box you will find 15 of them representing most of The Office main cast, which really helps make that R2 199 price easier to swallow.

Finally let’s talk about Marvel. What’s missing from Great Yellow Brick is one set from this wave of releases – 76213: King Namor’s Throne Room. Sometimes individual sets from a wave get delayed, or this one could just not have been loaded onto the site yet.

Those wondering about the absence of the massive Black Panther bust, well that was already revealed for South Africa earlier.


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