LEGO’s latest is a R5500 Black Panther bust

LEGO has revealed another new set and it is once again huge with a matching price tag. This time around the focus is on Black Panther, with the hero receiving a unique bust.

Made of 2 961 pieces and releasing on 1st October overseas, this bust also features two clawed hands of the character and a stand featuring a nameplate.

Those 2 961 pieces build a display piece that LEGO calls on its website “almost life-sized”. The two dimensions provided are 46 centimetres tall and 39 centimetres wide.

Here in South Africa availability and pricing has been revealed by Great Yellow Brick, the online portion of the Certified LEGO Stores. Its price is R5 499 with a planned release date of mid October.

To put that price into perspective it’s worth looking at what other markets will be paying. Set 76215: Black Panther has a RRP of €349.99 (~R6 046), $349.99 (~R6 046) or £299.99 (~R5 963).

So while it may seem that South Africa has received favourable pricing, it’s an ongoing comparison. This is because, when we originally looked at the overseas pricing a few hours ago, that €349.99 price was actually closer to R5 200 and has absolutely shot up overnight. South Africa’s pricing is based on the Euro and while, this isn’t really a LEGO issue, it’s worth pointing out that a few short hours has made a massive difference.

Also in those hours, while we waited for local details of this set, has come the international reaction which has been negative. Even those in countries with stronger currencies have found the high price of the set to be a shock. Many have also stated that, with this price, they would have liked to have seen something that is truly 1:1 scale and could be worn by an adult instead of a solid build which is only a display piece.


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